Monday, September 2, 2013

Another beautiful P-Day trip

Please excuse the extra pictures in the last post.  We are still trying to figure this program out..

On this P-Day trip we discovered the beautiful Minter Gardens in Agassiz some 15 miles from Chilliwack.  As you will see this is one of the most beautiful gardens in British Columbia.  Minter Gardens is the creation of Brian and Faye Minter.  They first discovered the area on Christmas Day of 1977, it opened in May of 1980.  There are 12 themed gardens covering 32 acres with lakes and waterfalls and Chinese bonsai rock gardens.  Enjoy the pictures below which can't begin to display the beauty found in the gardens.


Notice the two trees growing out of the trunk of a fallen tree.

Second August Entry

Looking towards our deck

For those of you interested in our living situation.  We send these latest pictures.

Notice Skipper in picture.

And of course we have to have some plants and flowers to complete our home.

These next pictures are the missionaries now serving in the Chilliwack 2nd Ward with us.  Sister Mullen and Sister Nelson are the newest arrivals last Wednesday, the 28th of August.

The two Elders at left are Elder Bradley and District Elder Cheung.  At right Elder Lazenby and Elder Alden who work in the Chilliwack 1st Ward.

You might know this Senior couple in front of the Chilliwack Ward building.
Sister Mullen on the left and a Sister Nelson.

Some three weeks after arriving here in Chilliwack, Brother and Sister Colling's said we have to make a day trip with them to Mt. Baker.  These are the cascade mountains located in the Northern part of the state of Washington.  These are some of the most beautiful mountain scenes that we have seen to date.  See for yourself.

This picture of Nooksack Falls is in route to Mt. Baker.  

Brother and Sister Colling
with Sister Neese

Beautiful Mt. Baker, WA

Keep in mind this picture was taken in the middle of August

Sister Janet Colling's and myself

On our way back down the mountain, beautiful lake with Mt. Baker in the background.

In the short 7 weeks that we have been serving in beautiful Chilliwack we have spent many hours visiting active and less-active members.  We have found them to be very warm and happy to have us in their homes.  What we have found different here in our area many of the people live under a common law marriage and we are finding among the members of the church numerous divorces and due to the economy many are forced to work horrendous hours.

With these challenges it has made it very difficult for many of these members to be active church members which weakens their faith and desire to keep all the commandments.  So what we are trying our best to do is reawaken their desires and testimonies to live the lives or Father in Heaven would have them doing.  We know that taking an active part would bring them happiness and blessings to their families.

This month we will be talking in Sacrament meeting regarding "Missionary Work" and the blessings that come from it.  We will be working hard to get ward members involved in this work, working hand and hand with the missionaries.  We have a wonderful Bishop who loves missionary work and stands behind us 100 percent.  We also have plans for the 5th Sunday of the month to have ward member leaders presenting talks and video's regarding "Every Member a Missionary".  We feel through these efforts that we can raise the activity of the members to bring back our less actives and bring investigators into their homes to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  President Thomas S. Monson says we must "Hasten the work".  Each month over the last few months the baptismal rates in the Canada Vancouver Mission have broken past records.  So the work is going forward, the missionary effort is very strong with wonderful missionaries throughout the mission here in British Columbia.

We love our calling and enjoy each hour spent with these good people and know that Heavenly Father has sent us here to share our love and knowledge of the gospel.  We look forward to each and every visit and have found all of them to be an opportunity to share our testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has brought lasting happiness to all of our families.  We bear witness to them that it can do the very same for their lives and families, this is what brings us joy in this work.  And these things we say and do in the name of Jesus Christ.