Monday, September 2, 2013

Another beautiful P-Day trip

Please excuse the extra pictures in the last post.  We are still trying to figure this program out..

On this P-Day trip we discovered the beautiful Minter Gardens in Agassiz some 15 miles from Chilliwack.  As you will see this is one of the most beautiful gardens in British Columbia.  Minter Gardens is the creation of Brian and Faye Minter.  They first discovered the area on Christmas Day of 1977, it opened in May of 1980.  There are 12 themed gardens covering 32 acres with lakes and waterfalls and Chinese bonsai rock gardens.  Enjoy the pictures below which can't begin to display the beauty found in the gardens.


Notice the two trees growing out of the trunk of a fallen tree.


  1. This IS beautiful! Aren't these the gardens dad was saying are going to be eliminated? If so, that is very sad. I'm sure they have been around for a long time. You and dad look great, as usual. Love ya!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog address with us. It is fun to read about your mission. The area looks beautiful and I am sure you are adding so much to the area that you support. They are lucky to have you!!
    Barbara Bullock