Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First full week in Chilliwack, BC

July 15th 2013, Sitting down this morning we made our plans for our first full week in the mission and started right away working on the Ward List identifying less actives, separating the cities they lived in and putting together maps and depending on our GPS to find these Brothers and Sisters in a 35 square mile radius.

After spending several hours identifying these members living in Hope, Agassiz, Rosedale, Promontory, and Sardis, and Chilliwack, all of the Chilliwack 2nd Ward, we decided that tomorrow we would go to the Vancouver Temple in Langley (some 40 miles from here) to get our mission started out right. To finish out the day we ran out and picked up things we needed for our trailer and groceries for the week.

July 16th 2013, Upon arriving at the Vancouver Temple we were thoroughly surprised at the beauty of this building and the colorful landscape. As one can see the spirit felt and the beauty surrounding us carried on as we entered the temple and enjoyed our session and the craftsmanship and love that created this holy temple. We came away from this experience this day ready to start our service to the
Lord and the people of Chilliwack.

If you should ever get up here to British Columbia and have the opportunity, this should be on your agenda to walk the grounds or take part in a session in this Holy House.

After a wonderful day at the Temple we were able to line up 4 families to  visit for the first time in the city of Hope, about 22 miles from our home base (5th wheel trailer).  So we felt this was a good day completed.

Wrapping up with our first week of our mission we felt like it was a success, three of our first four families visited we spent almost an hour with each family and a door call back for the fourth visit.  We were able to sit down with Bishop Guenther on Sunday the 21st, recap our visits and phone calls from this the first week.  This bishop is a very good man, missionary oriented and most interested in our assignment here in the Chilliwack 2nd Ward for which he is so grateful.

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